Battery dead in camera 

I brought my camera today to the swamp.  Today was the day to capture some awesome pics.  I’m going to charge the batteries (my backup battery is dead also).  I used my cell phone to capture this beehive.  I think I’ll skip out of art class today and go back. 


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Grandchildren are visiting!  

My grand children love to paint.  I broke out the acrylics, they set up 2 easels & grabbed a canvas to  



 paint on & spent hours painting.  They also learned how to mix colors to get the exact color they wanted (they were amazed they could do this).   I highly recommend a canvas drop cloth.  I bought a 9 x 12 feet cloth @ lowes for about $10. This was money well spent when you have little ones who want to paint.  The also had fun sculpting.


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Christopher Clark impressionist painting with light class

I enjoyed this class.  I learned a lot, had fun, & didn’t spend a lot of time.  I enrolled in another one of his classes.  


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Rough week

Bob the cat, my buddy had a stroke last week.  God decided he needed him back.  I really miss him.    


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Picnic in a suitcase

Get has a video on making a suitcase table.  I made me one for the beach.  Pretty cool!  At least I think so.  I didn’t install speakers yet.  But the legs fold out and the table is pretty sturdy. 


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Sail boat

I’m making progress with my sail boat painting.  I still have along way to go.  I really like neomeglip medium, it really just helps my paint glide.   


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I entered a contest on craftsy.  They wanted to see your crafting spot.  I took the best pics I had of my painting space.  I didn’t win, but I was a runner up!  Mine is Bob the cat looking @ his portrait in progress.  This made my day!  

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Daily Painting

Originally posted on Beach-Bound Scholar:

When I started drawing class last winter, my drawing teacher told us a story about a teacher who told his pottery class, “You have two chances to get an A in this class.  Either create one perfect pot or make 100 pounds of pottery.  The choice is yours.”  Over the course of the class, the students drifted into two groups: the ones who were thinking of and attempting to create that one perfect pot and the students who were just making as much pottery as they could.  At the end of the semester, the teacher noticed an interesting phenomenon.  The students who had attempted to get an A through making lots of pottery were more likely to have created a perfect pot than the students who just tried to create a single masterpiece.

I was reminded of that book by Carol Marine’s book Daily PaintingThe basic premise behind…

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Sky & water

Added color to painting today!  Water needs more work.  I’ll let it dry a few days & glaze in the choppy water.  Then I’ll decide the color of the boats & sail. I was thinking a yellowed cotton canvas for the sail. Boat whit trim with either wood bottom look or reddish brown.  Not sure what to do.  I hope I finish. 


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He is hiding

Bob my best buddy aka youngest child knows he is not supposed to go in my bedroom.  I was picking up laundry & left the door open.  When I went back into my room to put away more laundry this is what I saw!   Yes he is hiding under the pillow, he even tucked his tail in.  At 30 pounds he has a little trouble hiding.


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