I bought this very old Victorian child’s rocker. My goal it to make it beautiful again.  100’s of tacks & staples removed.  Another layer to go through. It’s not going to be a little more difficult than expected.  I do have a book that is very informative.  I have 2 oil painting in the works. 

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Daily walk

Another picture I would like to paint.  I took this one about 30 minutes ago while on my daily walk.  I’m glad it didn’t chase me.  There is a gator den with a fierce mother alligator who growls at me when I walk by.  I don’t stop for photos of her because she has told me “do not disturb” 


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I don’t like where I’m going.  I guess I need to just go with it.  Any ideas?  I have much to learn.  Seems like the size, seen not going as i planned.  How do you do it?  I can copy others work with no problem.  What I need is to understand placement, proportion, for making my own seen using many photos. 


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Looks like I’ll have oranges this year!

I’m so excited!  This is the first year it’s has bloomed after 5 years of watching it grow & waiting for fruit!  The bees enjoyed the sweet smelling blossoms.  I’m still using my old Kodak camera to capture ideas for my oil painting. 


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Photo day

I’m always looking ideas to paint.  I decided to take the old Kodak camera fishing with me.  No luck fishing, not even a nibble.  But I did capture the Dolphins & the Louisiana brown pelican.  


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“Finger painting weekend workshop” by Iris Scott

I bought Iris Scott’s book.  I gave it a try.  I really like her paintings.  The book gave pretty good direction but hard to follow and flip pages with paint on your hands.  It says let lose & have fun.  Too messy for me but I had to try it.  The Finished painting was pretty nice & colorful!  Not sure if I’ll try this style of painting anytime soon.  Uses a lot of water soluable oils, gloves, & a bunch of paper towels.  I did learn a lot about color.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was with a group of friends. 


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Critique  please!

I really appreciate critiques, tips, suggestions.  A fresh set of eyes always help.   


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Made it back!  

Painted & sketched the past 2 days with my best friend!  We had a wonderful time practicing sketching.   We started on oils but my friend was too impatient & wanted to do sketching with ink.   She a birdwatcher  & wants to start a sketch book journal of birds.  So we practiced & played around with ink & watercolor. 


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Can’t get home!  Paints are home! Homesick!

In Galveston Tx.  Unable to get back to Louisiana do to interstate flooding.  Oil paint at home.  I bought cheap acrylics @ Michaels.  I’m so used to oil…  acrylics dry so fast.  I dip my brush on the palette and its dry.  Not much pigment tried to do a Robert Hagan tutorial on his Facebook page.  I like this painting, but I think I’ll go over it with oils when the water recedes or I decide to turn my normal 5 hour trip into a 14 hour trip to get home.   It’s a definite work in progress.  Used a 4×4 inch canvas. 


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Feet in the water

These are my two grandchildren at the beach in Florida getting there feet wet.  The older child keeps a watchful eye over her little brother.  This is a practice challenge.  I can see my progress the more I paint the better I get.  I still have details & skintones to do as soon as it drys a little. Painting is such a relaxing hobby.  I forget all my worries.   


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