I’ve started another oil painting

6 oil paintings unfinished.  I started another today.  I only have the tones blocked in.  It will be a sailboat.  I know I’m not the only one who starts a painting, then puts it to the side and starts something new.  I was thinking as I started this one, I’m going to finish this one before I start another.  We will see.  Lots of projects going on, not enough time, it’s always something.   


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This Blog is all about you!

My husband asked,  “what is your blog about?”  I told him it’s all about you!  He is a kind gentle man who loves to play, work, & sleep!   He will ride a horse with me because I ask.  He will make a garden because his 87 year old mom asks.  He’ll climb on the the roof with his grandson because he asks.  He will fall asleep with his cat Bob because he can!  


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Nature walk

I try to walk each day.  I used to walk the track around a soccer field.  This seemed so boring & not fun at all.  So I decided I would go for nature walks.  I found a boardwalk that goes through the swamp.  The scenery changes from day to day.  Relaxing, quiet, solitude is how I can best describe it.  These are a few pictures of my walk. 





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Painting today at the Cajun food festival!

I did some painting today.  The atmosphere was great!  Live bands, lots of home cooked Cajun food, carnival rides, crafters of all kinds, and potato dancing.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the dance.  It took me awhile to figure out what they were doing.  I got to paint with some very talented artist today.  I’m working on painting my grandchildren.  We went to Galveston beach last summer & I really had a great time, so I decided to attempt to paint there portraits.  It is NOT easy to paint a portrait.  Flesh tones (not the band) are not easy!  I’ll figure it out one day.   I’m still working on them & I do have a long way to go!


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1906 post cards

 I found some 1906 postcards yesterday!  I thought these cards were beautiful!  Along with the script writing & the beautiful paintings on them I see why they were saved for over 100 years! 

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Not happy

 I think I’ll start a new canvas & try this in oils or acrylics.  I just can’t seem to work oil pastels like I would like. 


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This is an old photograph of my grandson & his friend.  An albino deer walked up & seemed intrigued by his view of 2 lovely boys.  I’m going to paint this.  I want to try oil pastels. But I haven’t mastered this media.   


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Dog painting finished

My daughter has a rescue dog named Broady.  He is a quirky smart gentle giant.  My daughter took a picture of him wearing her glasses.  I really loved this picture so I decided to paint him.  I used Richelson oils & neo meglip medium.  I started art lessons about a year ago.  I must say the more I paint the better I get!  


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“Bob the Cat”

I worked on Bob a little today. He is looking better although I wish it was much better. Brody the the dog is waiting on his whiskers. As soon as he dries a little I’ll add them along with his chin hairs! Continue reading

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Oil painting of Brody dog coming along

image image image image image image image

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