Tiny painting

I recently joined a group called artist trading cards.  We send one 2.5 x 3.5 inch painting every month to a different  random artist each month.  This is my first painting.  It is oils so I hope it is dry to touch by August 20th the mailing date.  Tiny paintings are kind of neat!  I can’t wait to see what painting I receive.   


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This is an oil painting of chocolate chip cookies.  I’m still learning.  I’m using Hall Groats desserts dvd.  Its pretty good learning course (a few lights turned on, the aha moment). I’m wondering if there are any other good learning dvds out there.  If you know any really good ones please let me know in the comments. 


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Peanut butter & Jelly

I just finished this one.  I don’t have art lessons in July so I decided to do some Hall Groat Dvd lessons.  I am pleased with his classes on dvd.  Easy to follow, fun, quick,  & insightful. 


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Art Guild workshop today

I now have another unfinished painting.  Our workshop today was about how the great masters placed there objects in there painting to display emotion.  Today we did a simple placement using one object & light.  This is supposed to be Mark twain.  My husband thinks it’s Albert Einstein.  Sometimes you just got to let them think there right.  We used acrylic paints for this project.   


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One of 7 unfinished painting.  I worked on the flowers today.   

  Flowers are beautiful but intimidating when trying to paint them.

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Painting flop!

I’m embarrassed to show this.  I took another class &  it looks nothing like it suppose to.  I got disgusted with it an decided to finish it finger painting.  Actually finger painting with oil paint was fun!  The course wasn’t fun!  The finger painting @ the end was therapeutic.  After I was done with my fun.   My husband came home & said,  “I’m glad you didn’t give up on it, it really is starting to look good”.    



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Battery dead in camera 

I brought my camera today to the swamp.  Today was the day to capture some awesome pics.  I’m going to charge the batteries (my backup battery is dead also).  I used my cell phone to capture this beehive.  I think I’ll skip out of art class today and go back. 


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Grandchildren are visiting!  

My grand children love to paint.  I broke out the acrylics, they set up 2 easels & grabbed a canvas to  



 paint on & spent hours painting.  They also learned how to mix colors to get the exact color they wanted (they were amazed they could do this).   I highly recommend a canvas drop cloth.  I bought a 9 x 12 feet cloth @ lowes for about $10. This was money well spent when you have little ones who want to paint.  The also had fun sculpting.


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Christopher Clark impressionist painting with light class

I enjoyed this class.  I learned a lot, had fun, & didn’t spend a lot of time.  I enrolled in another one of his classes.  


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Rough week

Bob the cat, my buddy had a stroke last week.  God decided he needed him back.  I really miss him.    


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