Another lesson

This is a painting lesson from “painting Cowboys & the old west” book by Robert Hahan.   It’s titled dripping wet.

His lessons are very thorough.  I must say I learned a lot from his techniques, & I like his style of painting.  He simplifies & gives good explanations & hints.  I plan to paint more & hopefully I’ll improve with time.  It’s such a relaxing and fulfilling hobby.   


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Hall Groat study

I painted these very quickly.  I had a busy week.  I love to finish my paintings @ one sitting to avoid half done for the closet.  They may have turned 


  out better if I had more time for the pleasure of painting.  I did learn from his studies & that is what really counts.

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Simple art lesson

Yesterday I wanted to paint with no idea of what to paint.  I searched online and found a site called Peters art group with a few free video downloads & others you could purchase.  This was a quick painting & not much to it, but it did fill my need to paint.  Of course I do not follow instructions fully.  I never have.  I do like his lessons & realize simplicity is not bad.


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Charlie Brown Christmas

I belong to a pattern testers group.  I volunteered to test a paper piece quilt block.  I haven’t sewed in awhile but decided to give it a try.  I’m pleased with the results.  Time to embriodery the features. 


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French Food Festival  

Les Artiste de Bayou art guild held there annual art show at the festival this past weekend.  The grandchildren were visiting from Texas so we all entered paintings to support the guild.  There were many talented artist.  Much to my surprise we all placed. 

     These 3 were categorized in non professional pet portraits, still life, & seascape.   

   These  placed under workshop category  Edit  


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Critiques welcomed!  I think I’m done.  I tend to keep seeing things while its on the easel drying.  If you see anything that could be improved upon let me know.  I’m trying to learn. 


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I thought I could paint this in a day!  I decided to try to paint light illuminating through a bill. I thought I could do this in about 2 hours. It is taking a little longer than I thought. I won’t be able to paint again until the weekend. This is a small work in progress.  I am using Lukas Berlin water soluable oils.  On 8×10 canvas. 


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Classic Car

Septembers art class work was oil painting a classic car.  This is mine.  I am not fond of cars like some people so my heart was not in this one.  I did have fun painting it.  When I choose my own subject I feel like I paint much better. I like to paint loose my instructor likes tight painting.  I struggle during art class.    


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Im done!  This is a scene of the grandchildren at the beach.  Every summer I go to the beach as many times as I can with the grandkids.  I think it’s one of there favorite places to be.  They are free to get wet, dirty, explore & enjoy the natural surroundings.  I find peace & enjoyment watching them. 


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Hall groat study 

This is a light study.  I guess it is finished the lesson got you started but then left you on your own.   I used Lukas Berlin oils with linseed oil.  These paints are very inexpensive but water soluable I have to use linseed oil so I can get them to move otherwise they are a gooey, sticky consistency.


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