Not happy

 I think I’ll start a new canvas & try this in oils or acrylics.  I just can’t seem to work oil pastels like I would like. 


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This is an old photograph of my grandson & his friend.  An albino deer walked up & seemed intrigued by his view of 2 lovely boys.  I’m going to paint this.  I want to try oil pastels. But I haven’t mastered this media.   


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Dog painting finished

My daughter has a rescue dog named Broady.  He is a quirky smart gentle giant.  My daughter took a picture of him wearing her glasses.  I really loved this picture so I decided to paint him.  I used Richelson oils & neo meglip medium.  I started art lessons about a year ago.  I must say the more I paint the better I get!  


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“Bob the Cat”

I worked on Bob a little today. He is looking better although I wish it was much better. Brody the the dog is waiting on his whiskers. As soon as he dries a little I’ll add them along with his chin hairs! Continue reading

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Oil painting of Brody dog coming along

image image image image image image image

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Brody the dog

My daughter has a mixed breed rescue dog named Brody. He is the sweetest smartest dog I know. Very well behaved & such a good sport. I decided to paint his portrait in oils. This is a work in progress. Continue reading

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As I said in my last post. You can always do more to your art.

Added more shading. Finished eyes & ears fur needs to be finished & paws.
Then hopefully I will be satisfied.


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