Free acrylic lesson

I’m determined to learn acrylics. Tim Gagnon is an excellent instructor. I like his style. His clouds and trees are really draw you into his paintings. He has a free lesson on Facebook Tim Gagnon free painting lesson group for the month of July. I’ve downloaded and completed lesson 1. I’ve know how he gets those clouds to look so good now! This is part 1

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O Boy another give away!

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Pop art

My grandson did not want to paint with me. I finally talked him into painting an abstract/pop art of his mom. Her birthday is Monday. I used my persuasive personality to get him to paint her a personalized gift. He continued to argue that he couldn’t paint. Well I set him up with few colors basic sketch on canvas. Gave him a brief lesson on brush strokes different brushes and left the room. Occasionally I’d check on him and help him refresh his palette, offer a few pointers and leave again. He was actually surprised himself. A little encouragement and creativity , can build self esteem. He was very proud of this painting. His mom was “blown away”. She said, this is the best present she’s ever gotten.

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Rescued paintings

I found these 2 paintings at a second hand store. They cost $6 for both. I couldn’t leave them there seeing they had been marked down and knowing they would be put in trash if they didn’t sell. I really like them. They were probably bought from a street painter while someone was on vacation in Paris. I think I’ll have them reframed and find a new home for them. k

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My friend wanted me to paint her baby Yoko. Sepia tones requested. I think it turned out well. I usedLukas Berlin waster soluble oils on board.

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The scavenger

Acrylics! Birds have such a charmed life

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Painting party business

Thinking about ways to make money with my art I happened to stumble upon a painting party business opportunity with low start up as a consultant. Start up is as low as $100 for supplies. I do get a $50 credit toward supplies for referrals. So please let them know Jan Jones referred you! I’ve attached the link for those who may be interested! It’s pretty simple and they help with marketing also.

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Happy St.Patricks Day

Looking for four leaf clovers last week with a friend. I could not find one but my friend found about 15. I googled odds of finding four leaf clover. 1 four leaf clover every 5000. By the way I haven’t looked for four leaf clovers in 40 years but I felt very lucky to be able to stand after sitting on ground so long looking for one. I love this time of year spring is here, bees, flowers, and the weather is perfect! I painted a little memory of that day. The clover for Luck and bee for strength.

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Another watercolor giveaway

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Water color supply giveaway

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