I’ve entered a little contest!  

I have entered painting of Bob in the Dick Blick pet portrait contest.  Unfortunately Bob moved to cat heaven and we miss him dearly.  He was the neighborhood cat.  I painted his picture and I know this might sound a little strange but he actually was happy that I was painting his portrait.  He was always checking the progression of this painting & when he it was finished he would sit, admire it.  This is the link to vote Entry Photo


Link: http://bit.ly/1rWwI7j

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Quick oil painting

I have to confess I ate the icecream cone quicker than I painted it.  I wanted to try out my Chelsea lean medium with my Lukas Berlin mixable oils.  Thins them well & smells great!  I have to give this medium a thumbs up!  

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Daily walk

I wish I could  title this daily painting.  I’m still walking everyday just like the doctor instructed.  Photographing for painting inspiration.  Yesterday photos were the Blue Herron, dragon fly, alligator & the water moccasin (poisoness & aggressive). Snakes really scare me.

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I have to say this ones finished.

After changing this painting 4 or 5 times the paint is getting thicker & drying time is slow.  I’m going to have to call this one finished.    I’m ready to move on to a different painting project.  This is my grand kids @ the beach.  My daughter says she loves it.  I’m not sure if she’s just being nice or I’m too critical.  I have noticed my painting is improving which is a good thing.  I think I’ll try a few more studies before I try it on my own again.

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Daily nature walk

The weather is warming up.  The reptiles are soaking up the warmth of the sun and the donkeys are loving the weather.  These are some photos I took this week.  

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Finally finished!

I bought this antique child’s chair for very little.  I guess I have “the artist eyes”. “Diamond in the rough”.  I finally finished it.  I had to prove to my husband I could finish this project in less than a month.  Only 9 days to finish!  Now to finish all of my oil paintings.

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Who says you can change you mind!

I started out wanting to paint my granddaughter & dog playing in a puddle in the rain.  I couldn’t paint it to my satisfaction.  So digging through photos I decided to paint the grandkids on the beach.  Now to put those kids in.

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I bought this very old Victorian child’s rocker. My goal it to make it beautiful again.  100’s of tacks & staples removed.  Another layer to go through. It’s not going to be a little more difficult than expected.  I do have a book that is very informative.  I have 2 oil painting in the works. 

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Daily walk

Another picture I would like to paint.  I took this one about 30 minutes ago while on my daily walk.  I’m glad it didn’t chase me.  There is a gator den with a fierce mother alligator who growls at me when I walk by.  I don’t stop for photos of her because she has told me “do not disturb” 


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I don’t like where I’m going.  I guess I need to just go with it.  Any ideas?  I have much to learn.  Seems like the size, seen not going as i planned.  How do you do it?  I can copy others work with no problem.  What I need is to understand placement, proportion, for making my own seen using many photos. 


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