Watercolor sunflower

I painted this little watercolor on vacation. I forgot it on the refrigerator.

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Lost in Slidell

I started going through pictures and came up with this painting. The background is a photo from the nature reserve in Slidell. The Lion photo was from my dear friend who went on an African Safari, the mans body is my husband sitting on a bench in hot springs. His sign is Leo so I found this fitting. I used infinity oil paints that I purchased from Zen art supplies they are buttery, pigmented and you get a bang for your buck with 45ml tubes. https://shop.zenartsupplies.co/?ref=kBBxnVbUi1wbN

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Watercolor giveaway!

I’ve been using Zenart watercolor brushes fo over a year and they are still holding up! Using with gouache paintings also. Use affiliate code kBBxnVbUi1wbN to receive 40 more entries


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My Sunflower Oil Painting


I started a little home decor “business” with my paintings. I’ve been stir crazy with the Covid stay at home safety measures. I’m trying to stay positive. I’m also practicing with intense on fabric. This is great having so much time to try new creative endeavors.

Sunflower & Honey bee
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Oil, Acrylic, pastels, gouache

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy acclimating to staying healthy, working from home. I have been dabbling with different media the past few weeks. I really love to paint with gouache. It’s kind of like oil and watercolor. Pastels are fun too. These are a few of the projects I’ve been working on.

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I’m finally giving watercolor a try again. I watched a video tutorial by Kateri Ewing. I learned a lot. Just from a video! I’m not great but I learned control along with other techniques.

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Relaxing on the Gulf of Mexico

I was asked to paint a large beach scene with stipulations! I was given a picture of someone else’s painting. It was half sky, half water, yellows and browns in sky a water. I was asked if I could paint this without the browns and yellows. My reply, “Of course I can”. I went through my beach photos and came up with this. It’s not my taste but it kind of grows on you. It looks nothing like the picture of the painting they showed me…. I think it looks much better. I hope they like it…

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Kitty cat in oils

I finally finished my grandsons cat with the crooked tail. She is an absolute beauty rather tiny for age. My daughter adopted her from the pound and seems to think she’s inbred. Her eyes are deep blue but the iris is golden brown at the top. Her tail is crooked. In addition she can be very vicious. She stays mostly on the bannister waiting for someone to come upstairs so she can attack there hands. She does have very good balance.

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Peter is glad to be home!

We left for the weekend and grandma birdysat.

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Grand Isle 7 mile Garage sale

I will be have a art pop up sale on the island this weekend! I’m hoping I’ll do well. I’ve been working on “craft style art”. As well as small studies and cultural art. I’m getting better with acrylic paints. Ive had a lot of practice lately crafting with them. The drying time is great! But I still love my oil painting. It seems like oil paints just move at my pace (slow & smooth)! So far I’ve been able to paint about 1-3 small paintings a day with acrylics. I’ve also made some lucky horse shoe signs. In August I have to get ready for a showing at JEAN LAFITTE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK & PRESERVE WETLANDS ACADIAN CULTURAL CENTER.

This will be fun! I guess I’ll be trying to get some larger pieces painted for August. It’s going to be a busy summer for me. I’ve finally decided to get it together and start selling a few paintings instead of giving them all away or storing them in closets. I’ve made a Facebook page Bayou Dat Art. I’m not a sales type person. I’m trying to learn although it’s out of my comfort zone with a little practice I’ll learn to sell and market.

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