Beach scene 

Children playing blocked in, ocean waves calmed a little.  I’m happy with the amount of painting I’ve done today.  I probably won’t be able to work on this for a few weeks. 


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    Beach scene?

      i have the beach…. I need to add the people, I’m a bit stuck on what, where & how.  I’m going to take a break step back & think. 


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      Sail boat painting

      I am finished this one (for now). Critiques always appreciated 


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      Acrylic technique workshop

      i attended a workshop today.  We used acrylic paints & matte medium on watercolour paper.  We used a lot of water…  (It was out of control).  I think I’ll keep using oil paints.  I’m just learning & figuring out what medium I like!  It was a wonderful-day with some very talented artist.  I learned a lot today.


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      How to paint a parakeets


      I have got to do this! It’s “beautiful!”

      Originally posted on A JOURNEY INTO THE MAGIC OF CREATIVITY:

      undulat how to paint an parakeet

      Have fun and paint a parakeet, today I will explain how I think when I paint the bird. And I start with the parakeet because it is not to difficult. I found a photo I like and will use this as an guide. You know it dosen’t have to be exactly the same as the photo.

      Under you see that I have drown a circle and an oval having a rounded and slightly elongated outline or shape, like that of an egg. The beak of the bird is like a little triangle. This is pretty easy to draw and the best way to start. The next is to look more closely at the photo and use the pencil to draw the right curves.

      undulat how to paint an parakeet

      I use a Water Colour marker from winston & newton, when it is wet it will integrate and blend well whit the other colours . For me it is important that the drawing is alive, and here are some tricks that will…

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      Coffee Break

      This is another lesson from Hall Groats.  I like these lessons.  I promised myself I would complete these courses.  I am also getting used to these new inexpensive water soluable oils (Lukas Berlin).  They seem a gooey out of the tube.  I have been adding a little linseed oil & they work for me.  I still like my Richelson oils.  I ordered some Chelsea lavender medium so I can use them with out the turp.  I really do like the price of the Lukas Berlin. 


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      These are supposed to be lemons.  This is another Hall Groat class.  I’ll need to add details but I definitely need to give it time to dry.  I used Lukas Berlin water soluable oils for the first time.  I like them, I’m use to richelson oils but my asthma is getting bad so I thought id give water soluable paints a try.   


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      Oreos & milk

      This is another lesson from Hall Groats.  This was fun!  I need to leave it alone but,  

       I keep walking back in the room & tweaking it.  I used a lot of linseed oil so it is very wet.  I keep telling myself to stop & let it dry a little before I fool with it.  I even have trouble listening to myself.

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      Tiny painting

      I recently joined a group called artist trading cards.  We send one 2.5 x 3.5 inch painting every month to a different  random artist each month.  This is my first painting.  It is oils so I hope it is dry to touch by August 20th the mailing date.  Tiny paintings are kind of neat!  I can’t wait to see what painting I receive.   


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      This is an oil painting of chocolate chip cookies.  I’m still learning.  I’m using Hall Groats desserts dvd.  Its pretty good learning course (a few lights turned on, the aha moment). I’m wondering if there are any other good learning dvds out there.  If you know any really good ones please let me know in the comments. 


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