Strawberry in cream

I belong to a group on Facebook call free reference photos for artist. This photo was taken by Angela Hill. It too a few hours to paint in oils. Quick, fun & easy.

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Another try at watercolor


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Peter the Parakeet

img_1232I’ve attempted watercolor over and over again. I’ve finally painted something that I’m pleased with. I think I’ll get better with practice. In fact this was done with the bird upstairs and me down. After I finished, I went upstairs and looked at him and this does not look like him. The next one should look better., Continue reading

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When it rains it pours! Water water everywhere!

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Hatch announcement! 

I guess I’ll be painting a parakeet.  This little guys name is Peter he is 7 weeks old and our new addition to the family.  He is an English Budgie and supposedly going to be a little bigger with a better disposition than American Budgies.  You learn something new everyday.  I’m just so excited to have a pet again I have to share! 

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PBJ oil painting, ¬†water soluble oil versus richelson oils.

Left is water soluble oil painting using Lukas Berlin and Lukas Berlin & water soluble linseed oil.  Right is traditional oils using richelson oil paint lavender spike oil with walnut oil.  Traditional oil were much easier to work with.  Alla prima painting.  Spike oil bought from the art tree house.  They are a “non toxic art supply store”.

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I was told at my Art guild meeting Saturday, “next months meeting you have to do an oil painting demo.”  I’m in panic mode.  I paint to relax.  Some times my paintings look pretty good, other times not so good.  This is what I did today for my practice demo.,  quick, easy, not a lot of paint.  Does anyone have any input, ideas, constructive criticism.  I am welcoming any input!

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Acrylic painting with my daughter, rats, dog, and cats.

Always a zoo.  Painting with Wendy is like Dr.Dolttle on steroids.  You never know what varmit she will have accompanying her while she paints. She has 2 pet rats, Mishku & Cinnamon and her sisters dog, Brody intrigued by them. 

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Rooster in watercolor

I’ve tried watercolor again this time in a inexpensive watercolor sketch pad.  I’ve throw so many expensive watercolor papers away.  Trials are better this way until I learn.  I’ve got a long way to go. 

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I’ve want to learn watercolor! I’ve tried a few times but they end up trashed! I think I might try this rooster.

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