Work in progress

I decided I would try to paint a human.  My granddaughter to be exact.  I have never had a lesson on portraits so I’m pulling out books and reading.  Hands are difficult is what the book says.  Yes the book is right about that!  I sketched it out with graphite first, (I rarely sketch on my canvas with graphite I normally just dive in with the paint brush.  I’m so glad I decided to sketch it on the canvas.  I thought this would be a quick painting.  I’m determined to finish it!  I’m not sure who it will look like.  Pets, farm animals, are forgiving but people aren’t.  My granddaughter loves it!  She’s a great girl.  I think the idea I am painting her is exciting to her. Critiques, advice highly appreciated.  I love critsism it helps me to improve!  

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Banana nut! 

Interpretative painting done for my sister as requested for her kitchen.  I like the way the banana turned out but I need to practice on walnuts.  

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Louisiana Flooding

Not much coverage on the news but about 1/3 of Louisiana is underwater!  Baton Rouge the state capital, Lafayette, Deridder, & many more towns.  I heard today about 140000 homes are damaged from flood waters.  The water isn’t receding.  I’m on high ground thankfully.  I did go to the grocery store today & the shelves were bear.  They said the deliveries can’t get here due to interstate flooding.  Some people aren’t getting help.  It’s seems.  Like the forgotten state.  This is indeed worse than Hurricane Katrina.  No warning, no one prepared are able to evacuate.  A big surprise!  Prayers needed to keep our state United as many volunteers are rushing with boats, food, clothes, and helping one another in times of need.  As we say Louisiana born, Louisiana strong! 

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Paint Basket lesson

Dale Rowney water soluble oils sponsored this free lesson with paint basket.  I used Lukas Berlin water soluble oils.  This was the wet on wet technique.  I had paint all over,  me, the computer, I made a big mess.  This is not how I use my water soluble oils.  This lesson teaches you the right way to use this type of oil paint.  This was a really good tutorial.  I like the McCaw I painted.  

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I’m my worse critic

I’m a bit tired of cobalt blue & yellow ocher.  I think it is time to be bold and add some colors to my palette.  I’m going to try out a lesson first.  It is on paint basket and it is free.  They have 3 lessons on water soluable oils.  I watched the video and learned some techniques but I think I will participate and try out the wet on wet macaw lesson.  This is my own painting of a Louisiana brown pelican from a fishing trip.  No fish just pictures.  

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Alligator in oils

I’m done with alligator paintings.  Time for a little people practice.  I have had the most difficult time with my photos.  What I mean is trying to paint from photos.  It’s time to pick up the old digital Kodak camera & see if I can get better photographs with an even older film camera.  I believe my film camera is 31 years old.  I wonder if it still works?  Do I remember how to use it?  I’m buying film tomorrow & going to try it out.  I looked through the manual.   It will be a surprise when I develop them.  Looking forward to trying it out again.

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Don’t feed the alligators 

This little guy was glad to see me.  I suspect people have been feeding him.  I wish people wouldn’t feed them.  It makes a dangerous situation for the animals and people.

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Camping at Pallmeto island

Great week camping.  We started the week camping and ended it in New Orleans where saw Sarah McLachlan.  Now it time to paint!  Camping was great!  The Racoons broke in the ice chest and ate all of our food the first night. They did leave the beer thankfully. We saw lots of wild hogs, deers, coons, & alligators.  I really wanted to see a black bear but I didn’t spot one.  I got some ok pics but you know how you don’t have your camera with you when you have the best shots.

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Oil painting lesson finished

I finally finished Robert Hagans lesson from his Facebook page.  This one was fast except when I got to the figures.  Very tedious.   It’s impressionistic painting lessons.  I’ve learned a lot watching his lessons.  One day I’ll be able to paint like a pro if I practice enough.

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Free painting lessons

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