I’ve want to learn watercolor! I’ve tried a few times but they end up trashed! I think I might try this rooster.

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Another practice painting

I started my own beach painting but it was not working out.  I’m a fan of Tom Brownings art.  I picked this Santa painting to copy and I added my own deer.  He is not a reindeer, but it is a deer.  I had fun doing this one.   I even ordered his oil painting book  “Timeless techniques for better oil paintings”!  His paintings are beautiful.  His book has good reviews.  Hopefully I’ll learn something.

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Foraging today! 

Walking along the bayou side I decided to check the Japan plum trees for fruit.  I was very disappointed to only find 6 plums they are usually loaded with fruit.  To my amazement I found blackberries!  Loads of them but, unfortunately most were out of reach.  I do have to look out for poison ivy, water moccasins and alligators.  These varmits limit my abilities to reach the best fruits (forbidden fruit)!  I also checked out the banana trees I planted on the bayou side because my husband refused to let me plant them in the yard.  There is a bunch of  bananas  but they are not ripe yet.  I can’t wait to pick those bananas!  The banana tree was given to me from a lady from Thailand.  She said they are very sweet.  I will find out soon.

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One of my favorite blogs!

Hi friends! Please join me for a fun painting tutorial today at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube!12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube! We will be painting this. Here is a traceable pattern. Here is the reference photo: You can watch the live stream or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live […]

via Let’s Paint a Yummy Dessert! LIVE 12:30pm ET — Thefrugalcrafter’s Weblog

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Negative space

Today at our art guild meeting we all did a “study”!  Everyone painted this cat but all were unique in there own way.51338133702__6c87e7fc-8eb2-4c1b-9a17-109c0b003464

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I just love her tutorials!

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Wild horses

This is my idea of learning to paint horses.  Started with water soluble Lukas Berlin.  I didn’t find these paints colors were intense enough,  they were great for blocking in.  Layered with Richelson oil paints and M Grahmn with a little walnut oil and spike oil.  This made a big difference.  I would love to find a less expensive oil paints to achieve a beautiful painting.  What oil paint do you use?  What do you recommend?  

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Grand children!  A special kind of love!

This an oil painting of the grandchildren on the beach.  I love seeing them happy, playing and enjoying there youth.  It brings back memories of vacations with my siblings, parent & children.  Happy times of the past with memories I will cherish forever.   Family is the most valuable possession we have & we should enjoy every moment we have with them. 

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Grand Isle

I spent last weekend at the beach at the Gulf of Mexico.  I really had a relaxing weekend.  Bird watching, fishing, taking in all of the scenery. 

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I had the most peaceful relaxing weekend.  We camped at a little state park called Lake Lincoln in a small town in Wesson, Mississippi.  Lovely view of the lake.  The fish weren’t biting but the park was beautiful.   We stayed in ou little t@b campe. It was so much fun. Our tiny camper looked so small compared to the big campers,  I have to say I think we were just as comfortable and had the same luxurys as the people in the huge campers.

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