I’m getting ready for my first craft show! Easter is approaching so Ive been painting Rabbits and eggs. Next will be a tortoise. This is the latest and he is blinging!

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Jack rabbit

Still painting with acrylic paints. I’m figuring out how to glaze and layer. I’m feeling a little more confident painting with them. I really prefer my oils. Getting ready for Easter.

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Pig beach

Inspired by the “The year of the pig”! Pig beach a small island where pigs swim with tourist. There is a really good story about how the pigs got to this island. It also talks about how the population of pigs is dyeing off due to eating sand. They normally root around the island but since they are being fed by tourist on the beach it is has affected their health.

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Out of my element

I’m trying to paint some Easter paintings in acrylic. I really love painting with oils but I promised a friend of mine months ago I would put some paintings at her craft booth. I didn’t realize that the show was in mid March. For some reason I was thinking it was in May. I’m a procrastinator. I paint for fun and relaxation. Having a date to have paintings ready to show and sell is very stressful. I’m not even sure if my paintings will even sell. I started this with magenta background but changed it to blue. Why?

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Polymer clay play

I’m trying out a new hobby. This is a gold leaf sculpty clay pendant. I impressed the clay with a bee then applied gold leaf. It really looks nice! Of course I’m just experimenting. I need to seal it because it is imitation gold leaf.

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2 minis finished

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Mini oil painting

I’m freaking out! A friend of mine who is a professional crafter asked me if I wanted to go in halves on a booth at a local craft show. I asked her what will I sell? She said your paintings. I normally give them away. I was thinking the craft show was in May but NO it’s March 16th. I have 2 small oil paintings started and I painted a crab on an old piece of wood. I did tell her I will pay my part of the booth but she might want to seriously get her “crafting on” or the booth will be empty. So far this is it:

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Next is going to be an oil painting of a cat

I’ve decided to focus on animal portraits. I’m starting a cat portrait next. The little white cat who is a sneaky little devil who walks an sleeps 35 feet 4 inch banister. She a beautiful cat but very tiny for a full grown cat and she will attack at anytime without warning.

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First sculpty clay day!

Had a great time! I bought clay, thinking the grandchildren would be interested in making little food items. It turned out to be of no interest to them in this world of technology. They are stuck to phones and tablets. I did force them to help! Ha ha! I really enjoyed it!

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First Painting in new studio

Bella & Sassy.

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