Grand Isle 7 mile Garage sale

I will be have a art pop up sale on the island this weekend! I’m hoping I’ll do well. I’ve been working on “craft style art”. As well as small studies and cultural art. I’m getting better with acrylic paints. Ive had a lot of practice lately crafting with them. The drying time is great! But I still love my oil painting. It seems like oil paints just move at my pace (slow & smooth)! So far I’ve been able to paint about 1-3 small paintings a day with acrylics. I’ve also made some lucky horse shoe signs. In August I have to get ready for a showing at JEAN LAFITTE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK & PRESERVE WETLANDS ACADIAN CULTURAL CENTER.

This will be fun! I guess I’ll be trying to get some larger pieces painted for August. It’s going to be a busy summer for me. I’ve finally decided to get it together and start selling a few paintings instead of giving them all away or storing them in closets. I’ve made a Facebook page Bayou Dat Art. I’m not a sales type person. I’m trying to learn although it’s out of my comfort zone with a little practice I’ll learn to sell and market.

About momsfun2

I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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4 Responses to Grand Isle 7 mile Garage sale

  1. Yeah, selling’s the hard part – Good Luck

    • momsfun2 says:

      Results were okay I sold 2 paintings, mermaid and flamingo! I have a green house with about 1000 succulents. I potted up 64 and sold about 30 of them. I don’t think craft shows are for me. Time for a different approach.

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