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Battery dead in camera 

I brought my camera today to the swamp.  Today was the day to capture some awesome pics.  I’m going to charge the batteries (my backup battery is dead also).  I used my cell phone to capture this beehive.  I think … Continue reading

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Grandchildren are visiting!  

My grand children love to paint.  I broke out the acrylics, they set up 2 easels & grabbed a canvas to          paint on & spent hours painting.  They also learned how to mix colors to get the exact … Continue reading

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Christopher Clark impressionist painting with light class

I enjoyed this class.  I learned a lot, had fun, & didn’t spend a lot of time.  I enrolled in another one of his classes.    

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Rough week

Bob the cat, my buddy had a stroke last week.  God decided he needed him back.  I really miss him.      

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Picnic in a suitcase

Get has a video on making a suitcase table.  I made me one for the beach.  Pretty cool!  At least I think so.  I didn’t install speakers yet.  But the legs fold out and the table is pretty sturdy.  … Continue reading

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Sail boat

I’m making progress with my sail boat painting.  I still have along way to go.  I really like neomeglip medium, it really just helps my paint glide.         

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