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Artist Supply Giveaway – Master Oil Painting

Total value of $1574 in giveaways. Prizes include: (1) $300 Jerry Artarama eGiftcard, (5) $100 Jerry Artarama eGiftcard, (3) Premier Brush… — Read on http://www.masteroilpainting.com/artist-supply-giveaway/

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My friend wanted me to paint her baby Yoko. Sepia tones requested. I think it turned out well. I usedLukas Berlin waster soluble oils on board.

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Happy St.Patricks Day

Looking for four leaf clovers last week with a friend. I could not find one but my friend found about 15. I googled odds of finding four leaf clover. 1 four leaf clover every 5000. By the way I haven’t … Continue reading

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PBJ oil painting,  water soluble oil versus richelson oils.

Left is water soluble oil painting using Lukas Berlin and Lukas Berlin & water soluble linseed oil.  Right is traditional oils using richelson oil paint lavender spike oil with walnut oil.  Traditional oil were much easier to work with.  Alla … Continue reading

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Feet in the water

These are my two grandchildren at the beach in Florida getting there feet wet.  The older child keeps a watchful eye over her little brother.  This is a practice challenge.  I can see my progress the more I paint the … Continue reading

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Coffee Break

This is another lesson from Hall Groats.  I like these lessons.  I promised myself I would complete these courses.  I am also getting used to these new inexpensive water soluable oils (Lukas Berlin).  They seem a gooey out of the … Continue reading

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