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The scavenger

Acrylics! Birds have such a charmed life“

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Happy St.Patricks Day

Looking for four leaf clovers last week with a friend. I could not find one but my friend found about 15. I googled odds of finding four leaf clover. 1 four leaf clover every 5000. By the way I haven’t … Continue reading

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Just for fun

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Peter the Parakeet

I’ve attempted watercolor over and over again. I’ve finally painted something that I’m pleased with. I think I’ll get better with practice. In fact this was done with the bird upstairs and me down. After I finished, I went upstairs … Continue reading

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PBJ oil painting,  water soluble oil versus richelson oils.

Left is water soluble oil painting using Lukas Berlin and Lukas Berlin & water soluble linseed oil.  Right is traditional oils using richelson oil paint lavender spike oil with walnut oil.  Traditional oil were much easier to work with.  Alla … Continue reading

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Negative space

Today at our art guild meeting we all did a “study”!  Everyone painted this cat but all were unique in there own way.

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I thought I could paint this in a day!  I decided to try to paint light illuminating through a bill. I thought I could do this in about 2 hours. It is taking a little longer than I thought. I … Continue reading

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This is an old photograph of my grandson & his friend.  An albino deer walked up & seemed intrigued by his view of 2 lovely boys.  I’m going to paint this.  I want to try oil pastels. But I haven’t … Continue reading

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