Happy St.Patricks Day

Looking for four leaf clovers last week with a friend. I could not find one but my friend found about 15. I googled odds of finding four leaf clover. 1 four leaf clover every 5000. By the way I haven’t looked for four leaf clovers in 40 years but I felt very lucky to be able to stand after sitting on ground so long looking for one. I love this time of year spring is here, bees, flowers, and the weather is perfect! I painted a little memory of that day. The clover for Luck and bee for strength.

About momsfun2

I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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1 Response to Happy St.Patricks Day

  1. They say that finding a four leafed clover brings you luck. Like you, I think finding one is the lucky part. After that your luck has run out.

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