PBJ oil painting,  water soluble oil versus richelson oils.

Left is water soluble oil painting using Lukas Berlin and Lukas Berlin & water soluble linseed oil.  Right is traditional oils using richelson oil paint lavender spike oil with walnut oil.  Traditional oil were much easier to work with.  Alla prima painting.  Spike oil bought from the art tree house.  They are a “non toxic art supply store”.

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I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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4 Responses to PBJ oil painting,  water soluble oil versus richelson oils.

  1. dawnmarie says:

    So what do you think? Do you have a preference when working with the two? I’m curious about water soluble and how they handle and dry. Both versions are super cute!

    • momsfun2 says:

      I prefer traditional oils. Since I’ve found arttreehouse.com spike oil to replace turpentine I’m happy painter there prices beat jerrys. I switched to water soluble because of asthma but now I’m back to traditional oils. Traditional oils move better, color intensity better, easier to work with.

  2. Aline says:

    I thought your preference was pretty obvious, and the two paintings support it. I’ve never even tried water solvable. Have tried lavender oil, but it’s smell is more powerful than Gamsol. Also Very Expensive where I was buying it.

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