Wild horses

This is my idea of learning to paint horses.  Started with water soluble Lukas Berlin.  I didn’t find these paints colors were intense enough,  they were great for blocking in.  Layered with Richelson oil paints and M Grahmn with a little walnut oil and spike oil.  This made a big difference.  I would love to find a less expensive oil paints to achieve a beautiful painting.  What oil paint do you use?  What do you recommend?  

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I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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9 Responses to Wild horses

  1. Yay, well done, for a try of horses you jumped straight in with so many, I use Windsor and Newton oil paints mainly, but have a few other beans too. I only oil paint in the summer so I can open the back door for air, I still have two unfinished horses waiting for a good day to open the back door, I paint a base, leave few days, then next layer, wait ….next layer, wait…etc etc, depends on number of layers needed before it is right. Because I have so many thin layers I usually have a number of paintings on the go at the same time….I am still learning the oils process myself, I am sure I could be doing things better or differently. 😀

  2. I suppose it depends how you did this, but a grisaille tonal underpainting and then glaze with your colours. If you add the absolute minimum of medium and have a very thin glaze it dries very quickly, ready for the next glaze, even the same day.The more opaque colours should be left to last particularly mixes including titanium white. Building up glazes of transparent colours might give you the richness you seek.

  3. Cheri says:

    Hello, I use a product called Mona Lisa to clean my brushes. It goes a long way and is odorless. That way, I can continue to paint indoors, even in inclement weather. I commend you for starting to paint horses with a herd!

  4. Awesome painting!👍👌👌💐

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