Work in progress

I decided I would try to paint a human.  My granddaughter to be exact.  I have never had a lesson on portraits so I’m pulling out books and reading.  Hands are difficult is what the book says.  Yes the book is right about that!  I sketched it out with graphite first, (I rarely sketch on my canvas with graphite I normally just dive in with the paint brush.  I’m so glad I decided to sketch it on the canvas.  I thought this would be a quick painting.  I’m determined to finish it!  I’m not sure who it will look like.  Pets, farm animals, are forgiving but people aren’t.  My granddaughter loves it!  She’s a great girl.  I think the idea I am painting her is exciting to her. Critiques, advice highly appreciated.  I love critsism it helps me to improve!  

About momsfun2

I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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2 Responses to Work in progress

  1. Rachel says:

    It looks great so far!

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