Granddaughter loves to sketch

My granddaughter who is 9 is visiting.  It is such a joy to have company that say let’s draw, or paint!  Best company anyone with a passion for art could want!   I think that is what they come for!  I have so many supplies they get to choose the media they want.  They often ask what paper will work best.  Tonight Lily sketched her bird chilie a little blue Quaker.  She was going to try oil on canvas & paint him but said every time I paint I mess it up.  So I pulled out an old used canvas bought at a rummage sale.  I said come on will paint clouds with oils on this.  She is actually pretty good.  Hopefully we can finish this 24×24 painting tomorrow.  Her arm was tired.  We decided on flamingos.  We went to the zoo a couple of days ago & was mesmerized by there beauty. I’ll post it if we finish it this visit!  The kids only use water soluable oils, & spike oil when using oil paints.  She is learned about color mixing, mediums, values.  She will be an amazing artist if she continues.

About momsfun2

I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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