I don’t like where I’m going.  I guess I need to just go with it.  Any ideas?  I have much to learn.  Seems like the size, seen not going as i planned.  How do you do it?  I can copy others work with no problem.  What I need is to understand placement, proportion, for making my own seen using many photos. 



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I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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6 Responses to Stuck! 

  1. Perhaps you could do a few little sketches on paper before sketching onto the canvas so you can get a feel for the composition before starting. And maybe approach copying your photo like you’d copy someone else’s work. I always try to look at things in terms of shapes and values. not as the actual objects, and put the darks in first and then the lights. I especially do that with portraits, I try to break down the parts of the face just into shapes. Some people work from general to specific in this way… Looks like you have your general, now pick a part to bring back out. Then do the next part. One thing at a time. (That’s one way) Start with darks so you can come back and lighten or put in your light values. If you start with light and try to go to dark it will get muddy looking. Keep on it, you have to push through the rough patches to get something great!

    • momsfun2 says:

      Hi Jill thanks for the advice! I’m going to try to take your advice. The white first always tempts me. I did sketch it, then when I started painting I added a dog, lost a tree…

  2. dawnmarie says:

    I am still learning those things too. It is hard!!! I think your layout is good and maybe just make sure to make the objects in the right front corner the most pure or bright? Dull down the left hand object and keep the tree fuzzy?

  3. Moon in Capricorn says:

    I have the same problems with watercolor. I haven’t attempted oil yet. That will be a completely new adventure some time in the future. Trying to sketch things out before I start painting is the only way I know to fix the size problems. That way I can still make corrections if something is really off.

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