Made it back!  

Painted & sketched the past 2 days with my best friend!  We had a wonderful time practicing sketching.   We started on oils but my friend was too impatient & wanted to do sketching with ink.   She a birdwatcher  & wants to start a sketch book journal of birds.  So we practiced & played around with ink & watercolor. 



About momsfun2

I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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5 Responses to Made it back!  

  1. The ink and watercolor are beautiful! You both must be quick sketchers.

  2. The orange really looks like it has been attacked by the knife – there is a great rawness to it – and the knife lies there pretending nothing has happened. Not sure about the background though, just above the orange in particular.

    • momsfun2 says:

      Thank You! Any suggestions? I painted out the plate last night with raw umber. I got this lesson from a vintage book by Joseph Dawley. His suggested colors didn’t work well. I do think his Dawleys paintings are fabulous!

  3. I thought the plate looked fine and looking at it again the dark foreground works. Perhaps a lighter background to denote a planar shift behind the orange with some shadow under the plate as it appears to be floating. Try a few coloured swatches held against the painting before you decide

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