Feet in the water

These are my two grandchildren at the beach in Florida getting there feet wet.  The older child keeps a watchful eye over her little brother.  This is a practice challenge.  I can see my progress the more I paint the better I get.  I still have details & skintones to do as soon as it drys a little. Painting is such a relaxing hobby.  I forget all my worries.   


About momsfun2

I love to paint, quilt, garden.
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3 Responses to Feet in the water

  1. j2015hall says:

    Hi…I see you visited my blog. I like your painting of the children with the water lapping over their feet. I used to paint in watercolors, acrylics, oil,pastels, etc. I still have all those supplies and framed paintings everywhere…but when I discovered painting on my iPad, I jumped into a delight of new discovery and have been at it for almost three years. Thank you for stopping by my blog. If I can find the link, I will follow your blog. Now I am on to read and see more of your art. Warm and damp day here in Florida.

    • momsfun2 says:

      I’ve wondered about the painting apps. Which ones are best?

      • j2015hall says:

        I love Sketch Club app. Next best is ArtRage. Then there is the free one called lineBrush, and Procreate has great possibilities, but so far I have only dabbled in it. I just finished my blog image for today, sketching and painting it in Sketch Club. If you have an Apple iPad, those are the ones I would recommend. You could always start with lineBrush…it is free. The others are five dollars or so through the App Store. Happy painting. Judy

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